WELLNESS Package's

Packages bought can be used by you, a family member or a friend. Feel free to gift one to someone for a last minute present. These are yours to use as you please. But keep in mind, they are designed to be used within 6 months of purchase.

Three (3) Pack
This three-month package is excellent for those looking to find relaxation and escape the stress of daily life. Designed for those who only desire one massage a month, but feel free to use as you please.

Three 60 min massages - $250
Three 90 min massages - $370                              
$20 in savings

Six (6) Pack

This package of 6 massage sessions is perfect for those who require a little more attention to those nasty aches and pains. Designed for those who know the benefit of receiving massage bi-weekly. 

Six 60 min massages -  $475

Six 90 min massages -  $715

$65 in savings

Ten (10) Pack

This package of 10 massage sessions is ideal for those who absolutely love their regular massage appointments. Designed for those who want to come in weekly to work out their chronic stress and tension. Sometimes a monthly or biweekly session just isn't enough, you need some serious work and attention. 

Ten 60 min massages - $800

Ten 90 min massages - $1200

$100 in savings